1. Pupils must be punctual for the class.Those who come late or those who have been absent the previous day must bring the late attendance or abence record signed by their parents or guardian and to be shown to the Principal. To be admitted to the class, they must show the teacher incharge this record duly countersigned by the Principal.

2. Iregular attendace , habitual idleness, neglect of work disobedience or disrepect to members of the staff, all justify dismissal from the school.

3. Stundent who absent themselves continuously for 5 or more days without sending a leave letter are liable toget suspended from school.

4. Pupils are responsible for the care of their personal belongings. Expensive jewellery or ornaments are strongly discourgaged and the school Management takes no responsiblity for their loss.

5. Students should always be clean and well dressed in complete uniform as mentioned earlier.(With two plaits tied up neatly).

6. Students should take care of the school furniture, should not lean against the wall and should leave the school campus tidy. Damage done must be paid for at the discretion of the school authorities.

7. No student may leave the school premises dufing school hours without the permission of the Principal or Vice Principal. Any Person wishing to meet a student or a teacher in the school permises, should get the permission of the School authority.

8. The bell before a class or assembly is a call to be obeyed promptly.

9. Changing of class rooms between perdiods should be done in silence.

10. Student should not take part in any competition conducted by other agenceis without the prior permission of the principal.

11. Students are strictly forbidden to make any collection without the explicit permission of the Principal

12. Library books lost have to be compensated for by the amount stipulated by the school authorities

13. No School business will be transacted on Holidays

14. No pupil will receive private correspondence though the school.

15. Promotion at the end of the year will depend on the performance of the pupil in the monthly tests and the examinations. Results of the Examination once decided is final and no appeals will be entertained after the results are published.

16. Pupils should not be absent from any tests and examination and no retest will be given in such cases.

17. No certificates of any kind will be given to students who are in arrear of fees.

18. Every pupil must have a copy of the diary which must be brought to the School daily.

19. It is compulsory for every students to participate in the Social Service awareness programme arranged by the School.

20. Student who avail of the School should abide by the rules and regulations set by the school authority or else their bus pass will be cancelled.

21. The School gate will be closed at 9.00 a.m.