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St. Joseph Higher Secondary School is run by Our Lady of Lourdes Educational Trust. It is functioning with the noble vision of imparting quality education to the children in the rural milieu of Thiruvandarkoil, Puducherry. Our mission is to enable every child to gain the knowledge and skill needed to live a meaningful and useful life in the modern world. We strive to mould the children holistically and facilitate their overall personality development thereby laying a solid foundation for them to embark on their journey of life.

St. Joseph has the reputation for being an inclusive school where all children irrespective of nationality, religion, language or learning ability is welcome. Every child who enters the portals of this school is valued, nurtured and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. Academic success is judiciously blended with emphasis on personal growth and development. Students are encouraged to discover their interests and abilities unique to each individual. We are committed to enable the children to become confident and creative persons who could contribute positively to the human society at the local, national and international levels. We leave no stones unturned in our endeavor to facilitate learning of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits, the formative effect of which instills in them a compassionate view of the world and prepares them for a meaningful existence in the global community.