Groups and Movements


Subject wise clubs function under the guidance of the respective teachers and they promote innovative and creative potentials of students.
Language skills and literary interests find avenues for exposition and enhancement through Tamil and English clubs. The activities that are held through the course of the year like oratory, enactment of plays, projects, poem writing, notice board displays and varied literary competitions provide literary taste and enhance literary skills. The Mathematics club strives to create mathematical curiosity, augment logical reasoning and critical thinking.
Problem solving skill is infused through the activities of this club.
The Science club’s motive is to make learning of science a joyful experience and to develop interest in science.
Activities of the club include lectures, seminars, exhibitions, quiz, visual programs, preparing and displaying charts, posters and models. Social Science club helps students to get functional knowledge history, geography, economics and civics.


This Government sponsored service program focuses on voluntary community service by the students in higher secondary and college. Developing the personality and character of student youth being its objective the scheme is inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and has as its motto “NOT ME, BUT YOU”. In keeping with this, our NSS unit creates awareness about and imbibes the spirit of service among students. It cultivates their responsibility towards the society.

Among the activities of our NSS unit over the years, the following are worth mentioning:

• Our unit cleaned the premises and surroundings of Iyyanar Appan Temple at Kothapurinatham, Bade Sahib Temple at Chinnababusamuthiram and Siva Temple at Thiruvandarkoil.
• We Planted 200 saplings in Indiranagar and Thiruvandarkoil.
• Members of our NSS cleaned the surroundings of the historical memorial at Kizhoor.
• We arranged a field trip to the grand old banyan tree at Sivaranthagam village which is 400 years old and is said to be the oldest in Tamil Nadu and second oldest in Asia. Our NSS volunteers cleaned the area under and around the tree.
• A session on personal hygiene was organized for our NSS team. Dr. Madanraj gave a detailed exposition on the need and ways to maintain personal hygiene.
• Awareness on environment and ecology was imparted to our team by Mr. S. Sivachandiran.
• Mr. A. Manimaran from the Department of Health, Puducherry, conducted an awareness session on the need for maintaining the cleanliness of home, street and surroundings and also on prevention of diseases

Awareness to our team on unfounded fears about snakes and the correct cure for snake bites given by Mr. K. Vijayakumar from Santhi Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

III. Scouts:

The Scout unit of our school is active and functions spiritedly. Our scouts have taken part in camps held in various parts of our country.