The progress of the student is made in continuous and comprehensive manner. For the students learning in classes I to IX, formative assessment is done through slip tests, weekly tests, mid-term tests, reading ability tests, projects, oral tests, testing oratory skill, narrating skill and map work. These involve, engage and motivate students and as well help the teacher to assess his efficacy in teaching.
Terminal exams conducted at the close of every term are summative assessments that help to rate the retention and recall skills of the students. Parents are apprised of their child’s grades and marks of all evaluations on a day-to-day basis.
For classes X, XI and XII, learning is assessed more intensively to closely monitor their progress so that they could be fine tuned to face the public exams. Unit tests, daily tests, one-mark tests, weekly tests, mid-term exams, terminal exams, model board exams and revision exams dot the year to achieve this end.