Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities provide a wealth of opportunities to the students to find new interests and develop their talents. These courses are offered on optional basis for children studying in classes III to IX. Training in dance, yoga, karate and music are the essential parts of our student service.
They address the child’s potentials which extend beyond the class room. Courses in karate, yoga and music are offered once a week while course in dance is offered twice a week. Each session extends over a period of one hour, outside of the regular academic course work.
Students who attend yoga, karate and music pay for the same at a nominal rate of Rs. 100 per month while dance training is given for free.
Dancing skill gives self-esteem and healthy physique. Yoga affords stress relief, flexibility, physical stamina and mental endurance. Karate improves physical and mental health. As the skill of self-defense is acquired, self-confidence is strengthened.
Learning music inculcates craftsmanship as hand-eye coordination gets going. Music also brings joy and relaxation. Participation in co-curricular activities has the added benefit of improving student outcomes including attendance, participation in the class room activities, self-efficiency and academic performance.